Thursday, February 23, 2006

Patrick Zimmerli

My family is in town. I took them to hear the music of composer Patrick Zimmerli, who combines jazz and classical chamber music. Z. always has the finest most ferocious musicians. He was conducting from the Soprano Sax.

I was so glad my niece, nephew and sister could hear this fresh, creative, passionate, inspired new music. The kids were blown away. What a band: Tim Fain is a Byronesque violinist that gets everybody crazy with his intense, emotional playing and beautiful phrasing. The Samplist Harold Bott, Jr who studied with Jacques- Louis Monod was superb. Zimmerli wrote a work featuring super Violist Beth Gutterman - wow - I always loved that ax.

Zimmerli is writing an opera about James Joyce's daughter in installments. It's called Lucia. Interesting libretto by Christine Zorzi.

Don't miss them at Makor 39 W. 67th St. March 26.

When you see Zimmerli say, "Why don't you have Phoebe Legere sing with you?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are
the usual
to graft
one tradition
onto the
then there
are the
ones whose
will be
felt for

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