Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dancing With Angels (video)

This headline is clickable. Peter Adair shot the film and I wrote the words and music.

I just returned from Tennessee where Charles and Richard introduced me to these Snake Handling Holiness folks and I loved them.
I would have included some Hopi Snake Dancers in the video but that is secret and they don't want to be filmed. I'm singing in Lakota there. You hear me fusing Yma Sumac, Pop and Native American singing. I thank the Creator for gifting me again and again and again with healing songs.

I will be performing Dancing with Angels with a great guitar shaman, Johnny Asia and with Gus Mancini at Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY on January 26th at 8:30. The phrase Dancing with Angels was written in an email to me by Johnny after he received my Christmas card.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

become so
with the
spirituality that fills
the media
it's become
too easy for most of
us not to hear the
soft rustle
of the Real
Thing as it
flies past us.

12:43 AM  

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