Friday, March 10, 2006

Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A, Opus 92 - I cry

Went out to NYPAC to hear the Boston Symphony on tour with James Levine -
but Levine fell off the podium during ovations last week. Get well soon Maestro!

Last night David Robertson stepped in as Guest Conductor. He has star quality: I'm talkin dimples and long blond hair. I was sitting in the second row. Dave whipped those BSO music machines into a Beethoveenian fervor - Wicked fast tempo on the last movement - Allegro Con More than Brio and my dear I always cry during the Allergretto. How does LVB do it?. It's only music after all - little old Octaves and Scales....sigh.....

SUPER new work by Eliot Carter called THree Illusions. It was a commission from the BSO for their 125th Season. Three movements It was awesome with cool sounds from percussion and neat Pizz ideas from violins. Will try to buy this for more listening. Even AK liked it. Afterwards Chuck took us out for a huge Lobster dinner at a Portugese resto. I dream of owning a loft in Newark.

Also an Ultra smooth new work by Peter Lieberson with his wife Lorraine Hunt Lieberson singing. She's good. I love a good mezzo. Never went higher than a D but sounded like a counter tenor on top.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Click this to watch TH WOODSTOCK QUANTUM ENSEMBLE practicing for
our gig March 19 at the Colony Club in Woodstock

IONE"S Women and Identity Project Sunday March 12 -at the DEEP LISTENING SPACE