Saturday, December 31, 2005

Me playing the Blue Fender Mustang

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Semper Fi

Went down to Giovanni’s to see about a job. They gave me one immediately. There was a guy playing the piano; a handsome Columbian named Raphael. He sings in that passionate, "I'm dying of love" South American style. I liked him. He's talented.

V was at the bar. He said, I’ve been waiting five years for you to come back, I heard you went to Vegas.” So we started talking. V is a Marine.

We decided to adjourn to Little Italy for a Sicilian Cappucino. That’s coffee with Anisettte. I was very open with him. Told him about the wedding, my mother, lots of things.

He’s in fish. I mean literally. I asked him if I could go with him to the new Fish Market. He said, No. No way. Those guys are animals. I growled.
V was warm and strong. I feel safe with old school Italians. I need connection, warmth, family, relationship…call me a pussy, but I want to feel like I am part of something bigger – something I can count on. V also expressed interest in having me put together a website and PODCAST for him direct from the fishmarket. He offered to pay me in "trade." What would that be I asked. He said, " How about 5 pounds of frozen shrimp. " After some negotiation he agreed to furnish me with 6 pounds of frozen shrimp a year for the rest of my life. V has a large blonde moustache and blue eyes. Virile, direct, a good listener.

So now that I have Fridays at Giovannis I thought I should get another day. I went up to Helens. Talked to a handsome lawyer.
Who knows.
Here’s the letter I put in the package.

Dear Helens:

I have enjoyed many happy nights at your piano bar. In my opinion it is one of the best cabarets in the country. Your pianists are excellent.

It is with the greatest humility that offer my services as front room piano player. I am available early or late and will gladly accompany any singer who wishes to sing.

I read charts, transpose, and play by ear. I tailor my style to suit the moment and the room. From Broadway to Jazz Standards to Soft Rock classics, when it comes to taking requests, and supporting singers, I am your man.

Dae Bennett, Tony’s son, is just putting the finishing touches on my new CD.

Phoebe Legere
Singer Pianist

Thursday, December 29, 2005

4 Nurses of the APOCALYPSE

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Next week: Episode 3 of The Marquis De Slime - 4 Nurses LIVE in the Catacombs performing their hit single: I Want to Take Your Temperature!

The Marquis De Slime Part 2 (movie)

In episode 2, handsome rocker OCTAVE becomes a channel for the most heinous soul in hell: Marky De Sade, a sadistic A and R man from the 18th Century..

Next episode: The 4 Nurses of the Apocalypse LIVE in the Catacombs!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Harmonica Solo

Worked on background vox with Dae at the studio.
Our voices mesh like silk. I love Dae's voice!

The Bennett studios is like a Pod. Pretty surreal after watching that Kennedy Center show on TV -Did you hear Wynton playing I Left My Heart in San Francisco?, I was like dying it was so gorgeous, You could see Tony's whole scalp moving back as he listened. Tony and Wynton. One super musical intelligence digging another.

I told Dae it's like his Dad's head opens and a third ear emerges from the top - like a musical antennae. I thought the "third ear" concept was pretty good. I told Dae. He said, "Yeah my father is a true jazz afficianado."

So I settled down. We sang some extremely pungent and suggestively libidinous oos and ahs on my tunes. Then I played a harmonica solo. Dae said it was good. It's like, when Dae says something is good you
feel your life has meaning.

They have the best books and the best photographs around the Bennett studio.- so much great stuff to look at .

They have a mesmerizing book of album cover art from the 50's 60's and 70's - graphic masterpieces.

What will I put on my CD cover?

Monday, December 26, 2005

Denise, 275 pounds

Just rode home from Boston to NYC on a Greyhound driven by Denise. She addressed the travelers over the
microphone saying, "Do not call me Hey Driver. Speak to me with respect. Call me Denise."

We understood these words and their meaning.

Soon I began to find Denise very attractive. We got into a lively discussion -expressing many holiday sentiments to one another.
Denise overcame every obstcle by blowing her horn loudly and swearing.
I was inspired by her swagger and aggression, and complimented her on her style.

She liked my hat.

Now home getting ready for two days of recording at Bennett studios. Wish me luck.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Marquis De Slime Part 1 (movie)

Phoebe Legere stars in this haunting tale of a female wrestler with supernatural powers who
vanquishes an evil AR man from hell, The Marquis De Slime. Also featured: a rare live performance of
the all girl punk band the 4 Nurses of the Apoclaypse playing in the Catacombs of Paris.

This movie will be published in 3 installments.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Marilyn Monroe (Music Video)

Amazing Love

Crazy White Trash

X Rated American

The 4 Nurses of the Apocalpyse show how it's done.
This is NY Punk at the height of the riotgrrl movement. 1996
words and music © Phoebe Legere and I am playing my invented
instrument - the Suicide Piano, which was a flying V guitar bolted to meat cleave and a casio
used as a sampler filled with sounds of people screaming in the Emergency ward
at Beth Israel. In the Slime clip you see me playing my Fender Mustang.